Ending animal cruelty worldwide will make a difference!

 This site supplies  information to help enforce and amend laws around the world. Information on animal welfare in each country, the international groups, the private organisations, the latest news on animal welfare, who's who, and all the social network groups. This site does not look for donations but action. You will find the laws regarding animal health and report to the local authorites if you see animal cruelty. PLEASE 

I hope that every group will think about working together to change our world. İt is the only way to make a difference  and this will filter into our communities. 

The subjects that are most important are street animals around the world, cruelty and abuse towards all animals, zoos, circuses, scientific experiments, the transportation of live animals, bestiality,  and education. The impact on our environment can only be positive. 

Money protects large corporations, lobbyists and other factions, violence protects those who threaten and intimidate witnesses, secrecy protects others that work in closed buıldings or areas that we cannot enter and laws that are not clear or do not exist leave us helpless. Big countries like China, who insist on not changing their cultural practices,  but contınue to advance in technology still want to be part of our future.  

Dog, cat, exotic meat markets and bear bile belong in the past with  burning coal , witches and soothsayers.

attached fighting dog


Close all puppy mills (make them illegal)

Breeding laws changed 

Stop live transport (Reduce numbers, fresh water and food, revamp transportation crates, trailers, or containers)

Stop sales of all animals on the internet 

Stop all cruelty to animals in the street, on farms.(with tougher fines or prison and enforce law)

Stop Bestiality 

Stop bull fighting  

Regulate Horse and dog racing (tougher controls and policing 

All pet shops sell food and accessories only. 

Change slaughter house methods.

Reduce numbers of animals slaughtered

Organisations for Animal Welfare
What Can I Do
Lobbying and Legislation

How can we feed and help animals when we can not feed and help each other?

People use this phrase on a regular basis.

Its the other way around! İf we can be kind and feed and help animals in distress,  are we not automatically kinder and more helpful to people?  

Violence towards Animals means violence towards humans

Report to your local shelter or police when you see cruelty, violence and illegal activities.


The time is always right to do what's right

Martin Luther King Jr