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Every year, approximately 35,000 bulls are tormented and killed in bullfights in Spain alone. Although many bullfight attendees are American tourists, 90 percent of these tourists never return to another fight after witnessing the relentless cruelty that takes place in the ring. Spanish bulls and their many counterparts in Mexico and other countries are victims of a savage display disguised as "art" or "entertainment".

Many prominent former bullfighters report that the bull is intentionally debilitated with tranquilizers and laxatives, beatings to the kidneys, petroleum jelly rubbed into their eyes to blur vision, heavy weights hung around their neck for weeks before the fight, and confinement in darkness for hours before being released into the bright arena.

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Stop Promoting Bull Fighting

Bullfighting involves horrendous cruelty to animals. Bulls are painfully tortured with lances and spiked spears before the bleeding and wounded creatures are killed with a sword into the heart. As a grisly trophy for the matador, the ears and tail are cut off (sometimes when the bull is still conscious). This barbarism should have no place in modern Spain.

By trying to lure holidaymakers into the blood-soaked bullrings, the Spanish Government's tourism body is complicit in the continuation of this cruelty. As a majority of Spaniards no longer have any interest in bullfighting, it is in many cases the tourists who keep bullrings afloat. If tourism authorities and travel agents stopped pushing tickets on tourists, it would surely spell the end for many bullrings.


August 28, 2008 Bullfighting: How You Can Help Humane Society International

The following is a list of ways you can help end the cruel spectacle of bullfighting:

1. Never attend a bullfight, and educate your family, friends, and coworkers, encouraging them to never attend bullfights.

2. Live in Mexico? Urge Channel 11 to stop broadcasting cruelty towards bulls using taxpayer money. Wherever you live, speak out against all government support for or promotion of bullfighting. If you are a taxpaying citizen in community where public funds are provided in support of bullfighting, call and write to your elected officials to let them know this is not acceptable. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. If you see a government-funded brochure, website, advertisement, or televised program that promotes bullfighting, contact the sponsoring government agency to register your strong objection.

3. If you learn that a company sponsors and supports bullfighting, call or write to its public relations department expressing your disapproval.

4. Flex your consumer muscle if you are planning to travel to a country that still allows bullfighting. Refuse to stay at a resort that is currently building or already has a bullfighting arena as part of its recreation facilities. Let the resort know why you are opting for alternate lodging. Refrain from eating at restaurants, patronizing tourist shops, or hiring local travel agencies that promote and advertise bullfighting. Let them know why. If you encounter a travel book that includes information on attending a bullfight, write to the publishing company and the author, asking them to remove this information in future editions of the book.

5. Anytime the topic of bullfighting arises in print, e-mail a letter to the editor explaining why bullfighting should be relegated to the past. Include a link to our bullfighting web page in this letter.

6. Donate to HSI to support our efforts to help bulls and all animals, and support local animal protection organizations in countries where bullfighting still takes place.

7. Sign up to receive action alerts and other information from Humane Society International.