European Animal Wefare Groups

Animal welfare and protection: EU laws explained (videos) 06-07-2020


Groups and Foundations

La Fondation Droit Animale

Prince Laurent Foundation

European Pet Organisation

Foundation of Animal Rights and Ethics

Animal Welfare in the EU

appears to be deleted

Eurogroup for Animals


European Research Area

End The Cage Age

European Federation of Animal Science

European Journal of Companion Practıse

Federation for  Laboratory Animal Science Ass.

Animal Welfare ın Contempory Europe and China

Eyes on Animals

Alternatives to Animal Testing

Four Paws Europe

European Vegetarian Union

LAEO -Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation

European Society of Dog and Animal Welfare

Foundation 30 Millions  d'Amis

Foundation Brigitte Bardot

Animal Rescue Andorra

İnternational Club of Andorra

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